Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sweet 16 Birthday Party at Warehouse Studio 300

SBD Events Designed a Tiffany Themed Sweet 16 Birthday Party for Jaida Smith at Warehouse Studio 300.  A Tiffany Themed Party requires special decor to bring this theme to life. We had to bring in the tables, Chairs, Draping, Lighting, Linens, Centerpieces and more!
Event was coordinated by Tracy O. Brown from Eventfully Your's.

**Room before SBD Event Designs transformed the room**

** After Stage was Draped and transformed by SBD Event Designs. Illuminated skirt is patented and
     cannot be duplicated **

Room after transformed by SBD Event Designes

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johan32 said...

Well that is really a great idea dear to celebrate birthday party at warehouse. But I am sure managing is difficult at such place without help of a planner. We hired a planner for our daughter’s 16th birthday party and planner helped us to book a cheap and sweet 16 venues nyc. You have transformed the venue really beautifully.