Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Hiring Family Members

I hire my family and friends to work for me. It took some time for my family members to take me serious and view me as their boss instead of their sister, mother, daughter or friend.

In the beginning I would give them instructions, and they still would do it their way. I would ask them to separate and they would still work next to each other laughing and talking, which slowed down production.

Now they understand my method, they understand why I ask them to separate, they respect me to the fullest now and do exactly what I ask them to do. They still talk a little, but! They get the job done! I thought about hiring strangers, But I would have to train just to get to the speed of my family members. So for now I will continue hiring my family, I also gave them all a pay raise.

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My Beautiful Chair Covers

I have chair covers that are very elegant and formal, it took me hours, days and weeks to design a cover that I could be proud of. I started out with 250 white covers, and within a year I have accumulated more than a thousand chair covers in total and expects to add more as the demand for them grows.

My traditional chair covers are pleated all around and fit Banquet style chairs very elegantly. I also have Ivory chair covers for Chiavari Chairs and Satin Antique White Covers . Our sashes or chair bows are made with different fabrics, our most elegant sash is made from Crystal Satin in an assorted colors.

My regular clients such as coordinators, hotel banquet managers and other hall managers, often say to me 'that our chair covers are always clean and pressed' I reply to them that we pay special attention to each and every cover and threat them with special care. Our sashes or bows are always pressed after each event.