Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Ray's 60th Birthday Bash

Ray had a semi secret birthday party at Toni's Italian Restaurant on Aviation in El Segundo, CA. He knew he was haven't a party but did not know any of the details.
Demetra from SBD Event Designs had the task to design a party that was masculine but yet elegant. I was given the colors of Cranberry, Gray and White, so I went to the venue to map out the floor plans and designs.
Ray was shocked when he walked into the room considering that he had never been to Toni's Italian Restaurant before his party, he had no idea that the location was actually a restaurant and was transformed to look like a beautiful banquet hall.

** Room before the transformation **

 ** Room after transformation - White, Charcoal Gray and Cranberry **

** Blinged out Candy Station **


johan32 said...

Wow!! What a beautiful place is this!! I believe people love to hold their events at this place. Well, I am also looking for best birthday party nyc where I can hold my daughter’s birthday party. Can you help me?

zerry ht said...

Wow! It is just fantastic place for 60th Birthday Bash. Thanks for the photographs. Last year I celebrated my birthday at some local Los Angeles venues but now Toni's Italian Restaurant is officially on my list of party venues for my upcoming party.