Thursday, June 22, 2006

Decorating My Way

My family and I threw my mom a birthday bash in May 06. Finally I got a chance to pull out all of my creative juices and do it my way. I decorated my mom's party with square tables that seat 14 people. We used satin linens, satin chair covers, beautiful candles and of course we had The Fantasy Table Skirts(R) everywhere from the head, cake, registration and gift table. We had very elegant CD Covers that served as a party Favor/Program, the front of the CD contained a picture of my mom! CD's were created by Terri Wilson from Creative Faces, located in Los Angeles.

The birthday bash took place at the Torrance Woman's Club . Our great feast was prepared by the one and only chef Ron Spears from West Coast Catering of Torrance CA., He provided us with a full course feast that had everyone talking. Flower arraignments by Sonia Velasquez of 'A Touch of Elegance'. Although I am a really great event planner and coordinator based here in Los Angeles, I decided that I wanted to attend this party as a guest, so I hired Sonja Briscoe from 'Les Affaire Events' to be our event director for the day. Sonja did an outstanding job keeping the party flowing smoothly.

Our DJ name was Kerry Smith, he was amazing, awesome, great, fantastic. We raffled door prized and every time a name or number was called, DJ Kerry would play a game show tune, just to name a sample, I really liked his style.

We did our RSVP's online, we hired the services of President Shennell Davis, based in Los Angeles, created an online site and provided a telephone number for our guest. Her company kept track of all the people who accepted and regretted. Shennell Davis, called our guest who did not respond by our deadline date. I highly recommend this service.

Robert Torrance from 'Creative Images' was our photographer who also created a wonderful slide show presentation that contained pictures of my mom, the family and friends. Robert took pictures of the entire event from the setup to the end, we was lucky to aquire his services.